What We Offer

  • 1 A Company that gives you the best value for your rand spent, one that can offer high quality and long lasting products.
  • 2 A Company that can provide the essential product backing and offer sales sendee, when you need it and not when it suites the supplier.
  • 3 A Company that can offer a range of furniture to match existing requirements, as well as reflecting the company's unique personality and image.

Company Profile

(RFM) Renaissance Furniture Manufacturer

RFM Furniture Services pride us as being an organization run by vibrant young and enthusiastic innovative individuals who seek to participate in the main stream of the economy. Our services include turnkey projects using exotic timbers to create upmarket furniture be it classical or modern.

As the relationship between supplier and client is so vital to a successful manufacture and installation, we have taken the liberty of listing criteria for the selection of a furniture company.


Excellent relationships with various manufacturers have allowed us to offer you the very best products available at the very best price. The employees are all specialists and craftsmen in their field to ensure continuity of quality and efficient management of planning, purchasing, manufacturing, delivery and installation.

Our Mission

Is to be a successful player in the market place, striving to remain competitive in our strategies. We learn from others with humility as well as from our failures and success.


All products manufactured and supplied by RFM Furniture carry a guarantee against faulty workmanship.


For international installation customers are required to cater for their own transportation